Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Instead of travelling around every weekend like the last 4 months, Erin and I are staying home every weekend this month. The main reason is we are doing a lot of remodeling to our house. We bought hardwood and are waiting to have it installed but in the meantime its sitting on the ground by the kitchen table and taking up a lot of space. We repainted the downstairs bathroom and the trim is still off (because it will need to come off for the hardwood installation anyway), the old light fixture is still in the sink, and the toilet is in 2 pieces. Plus, we're half cleaned up from Christmas so needless to say our downstairs is a disaster. From my years of experience, mainly college and especially the Fulton house, this doesn't bother me much, but it eats away at Erin. Fortunately, the main reason its so messy is that she is getting her hardwood floors, which makes everything OK.


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