Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The RV Rolls On

Rob H. coined my vehicle the 'RV' for Randy-Van. I've had my caravan since my parents handed it down to me in October 2001. Its been a terrific vehicle. It had a lot of problems when my parents bought it in 1997 but since then its been a work horse. When I took it over it had about 140,000 miles on it and yesterday it reached a milestone that many vehicles never see...200,000 miles! The pictures below depict the exciting moment as it unfolded. Can you feel the anticipation?

Like I said, the van has been terrific for me and has been as low cost as possible. Last year I paid a very low rate for insurance since its an old vehicle, changed the oil 3 times, and had 2 tires replaced. Besides for gas those were my only costs. But, looking at the life of the van even the normal running of it adds up. For 200,000 miles here is what I estimate the van has cost me and my parents for just the essentials:

Gas - $13,000
Oil - $1,700
Routine Fluid Flushes - $2,500
Insurance - $7,000

Transportation is not cheap.


Anonymous Duby said...

It worries me that you were going down the expressway, almost out of gas, and taking pictures of your odometer (with the flash on it would appear).

5:04 AM  

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