Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Corporate Kickbacks

This week I'm taking a class on site with about 14 other engineers from my company and about 6 sister companies from Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, and the UK. I just sit in class and listen to an instructor talk about "layers of protection analysis" all day. I'm the youngest person there by 10 years so I'm just expected to learn, not lead or anything. But the best part is that everyone goes out to eat every night and of course it is all paid for. Tonight there were 15 of us and the average meal was $50. Not a big deal for the high-rollers amongst you readers but pretty cool for a guy like me. Erin even got to come last night and had a nice time meeting my coworkers.

The new 42" TV is all set up now and I just tried out my new progressive scanning DVD player. Traditionally (the one other time) I test out a new system by watching the highway sequence of Matrix Reloaded. AWESOME.


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