Monday, January 23, 2006

Life Lesson

7 years ago I was talked into buying an electric bass by a high school friend that played the guitar and wanted to "jam." Basically he liked instruments and wanted to go to the store to watch me buy something because that made him happy. I thought it would be a good idea since I already played the string bass and transitioning to the electric bass would be easy. Without shopping around at all we went to a store and I was offered a "good deal" on a used electric bass, amp, case, and chord...everything someone getting started would need. I had rounded up every expendable cent I had and paid $300 for the set and borrowed the $18 in tax from my buddy. Long story short, I've played that instrument an average of once a year for the last 7 years and 0 times total in the last 6 years. It goes down as my poorest purchase ever, but I was hoping to get something back for it this weekend. I went to a music store that bought electric basses. They took a look at it and found that one of the nobs on the bass was broken and something (although he didn't say) was bad about the amp. I asked how much I could get if the bass was in proper working condition and after consulting his book he said he didn't have the brand listed and that it must be an "off-brand" so he couldn't buy it at all. BLAST! I guess I'll just have to write it off as tuition for the school of life. Don't get talked into buying expensive things that you don't really want.

In other weekend happenings Jason, Evan, and I were demoralized in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Jason and I have a very poor track record in these tournaments but both of us felt pretty good about our chances this time. Unfortunately we went 0-4, losing 2 very close games and 2 not-so-close games. Poor shooting and lack of team practices were the primary culprits but it was an all around poor showing.

Here are some cool pictures of my back yard from the very wet snowstorm we got Friday night.


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