Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boo Blue

On Saturday the 5 west Michigan siblings crammed into our 2-door Honda and drove to Ann Arbor for U of M's regular season finale. It was a extremely disappointing result, especially considering the fact that their postseason fate may have been determined by it. It was a close and exciting game but Michigan lost in the final seconds. Some analysts are saying they'll still be selected for the tournament but I'm not so sure. On the bright side Erin stayed focussed for the whole game. I'll make a Michgan fan out of her yet...

Another couple we know announced this weekend that they are expecting. That makes about 2,000. Seriously, though, we are at that stage where just about every one we know is starting to go kid crazy. Don't hold your breath for us, no 'little Randy's' are on their way for quite some time. We still have a couple of continents left to explore.


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