Friday, April 21, 2006


Wednesday was the start of church softball season as we had our first practice, and I realized that there are two very strong similarities between Barry Bonds and myself.

1. We are both known steroid users
2. We both hit home runs like we're playing on a high school girl's fast pitch field.


1. The steroids I use are for my asthma (although this looks suspect when considering my superhuman strength)
2. I WAS playing on a high school girl's fast pitch field with 200 ft fences.

It was pretty sweet though. My first swing of a baseball bat in a couple of years was not a great hit but caught the sweet part of the bat and easily carried over the fence. I can only remember hitting over the fence once in my entire career and that was a grand slam in little league when I was 12. So it was nice to hit about 1 out 3 pitches over the fence.


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