Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unlimited Golf

A couple of months ago Jenny, Josh, Erin and I went to the golf expo at the Devos Place in downtown GR. Mostly it was a bunch of golf courses up north trying to get people to buy a weekend package for a couple hundred bucks. We glanced but weren't interested in anything like that. But then we came to a booth that was offering a sweet deal. The offer was 1 day of unlimited golf with a cart in April for $20. A normal weekend round of 18 costs $45. So Jenny and I each bought 2 passes so we could put together a foursome of unlimited golf. Yesterday Jenny, Reuben, Michael and I cashed that in and man was it a sweet deal.

We started at 8:12am and played a fast first 18 in just about 4 hours. The course was really nice but the back nine was brutal. There was significant water on every hole and I ended up taking 6 penalty strokes in route to a 99. Here are some examples of our hardships.

The 2nd 18 was the best and most competitive part of the day. We played a version of match play were Jenny and Michael's combined score was compared to Reuben's and mine. It was a very even match and we all played very well. I improved 9 strokes over the morning round and shot a 41-49. Here are some images of the afternoon.

After having so much fun through 36 holes we decided to just keep playing. Why not? It's free, so back to the front for another 9 holes. After 45 we still weren't satisfied and realized that there was just barely enough daylight left to squeeze in a couple more holes. So we played speed golf until 9:00pm when it was too dark to continue and we had accumulated a grand total of 50 holes of golf! What a day. What a deal. I love this game.


Anonymous duby said...

so who won the team round? I'm guessing them because you didnt mention it.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Darren "X-factor" S. said...

you're crazy

12:23 AM  

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