Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Erin and I spent an excellent weekend in one of the most historic cities in the US. I'm doing testing at a company just outside Boston all week so we flew out on Saturday and had a nice 3-day weekend to explore.

On Saturday we flew in and spent the afternoon walking the Freedom Trail from the Bunker Hill Monument to Boston Common. It was about 4 miles of historical sites. My memory from walking the Freedom Trail with my family when I was in 7th grade was that it was awful. It was hot and all we wanted to do was swim in the hotel pool. This time Erin and I enjoyed a nice spring afternoon and could go at our leisure. My favorite part was the destroyer we walked on in the navy yard.

Sunday morning I took a great 10 mile run from the Bunker Hill Monument across downtown to the Atlantic Ocean and back. At the end of the run I raced up the 294 steps of the monument in 2:02 for a terrific, clear, morning view of the city.

Later Sunday we went to the Boston science museum and also walked along the Charles River.

The museum was pretty good but a little childish.

The highlight of our weekend was Sunday night. In New York a couple of years ago Erin and I went to the Broadway show Mama Mia.

To my surprise I really enjoyed it. So on Sunday we walked to the theatre district in hopes of getting into the Broadway show Wicked (story of the witches of Oz before Dorothy "dropped in"). We had called earlier and they said there were scattered $45 and $75 seats but no 2 together. When we arrived we found out there were no seats at all...for the rest of the 2 weeks that it was showing! But, they have a 'lottery' for about 20 tickets 2 hours before every show. It just happened to be 2 hours before the next show and so we submitted our names for the lottery (there was only a 1/2 hour window to submit your name). Sure enough, Erin's name got picked out of the 60 or so names and we "won" (still had to pay) 2 seats that were actually very good. The show was even better than Mama Mia and we both loved it.

On Monday we drove up to the north shores and visited a couple of resort towns on the ocean. It was a windy and kind of a nasty day but the shoreline was very picturesque.

On the way back to Boston we stopped in Salem and went to the witch Museum. We both liked the depiction of the 1692 Salem witch trials

and then we drove to see the house of 7 gables.

It was a very enjoyable weekend in Boston.


Anonymous the only person who comments on your blog said...

sounds like a sweet trip

have you heard about the drama with this years calvin spoof? WoodTV8 did a story about it. My name's the link to the story.

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