Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Red Sox

On Wednesday night I went to a sports bar at 6:30 for dinner expecting to be able to watch the Pistons game 5 against the Bucks as I ate. I forgot, though, that I was in Boston and all they care about are the Boston Red Sox. Every TV in the joint was tuned to the Boston pregame show (still 45 minutes until the first pitch). Plus, every single person in that bar either mentioned, or talked at length about the Sox.

I decided I must witness this obsession first hand and go to a game at Fenway Park. So on Thursday I made the effort to go to a game that many fans make 81 times a year. I drove 5 miles to the subway line that went furthest into the suburbs (where I was doing the testing for work), crammed into a train with hundreds of other Sox fans and took the 90 minute ride to Fenway.

Upon arrival I was happy to scalp a pretty cheap ticket to the always-sold-out game. I then watched warmups for 30 minutes, watched the 3 hour game and then fought my way back to the subway for another crowded 90 minute ride. It was a 6 hour night and quite expensive too.

I'm glad I went and enjoyed the experience but more than anything it really showed me how dedicated those fans are. They love their Sox, who happened to win 7-4.


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