Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twins are 1 year old

We did it! We survived the first year of twins. Looking back, it was pretty awful for 3 months and has gradually gotten easier since. Erin is a tremendous mother and carried a huge load very well.

Sadly, as 2nd and 3rd children their 1st birthday did not get much fanfare. We squeezed in birthday parties at other family gatherings and the boys missed most of the parties because they were napping or really crabby. On their actual birthday Erin worked all day and had a commitment at night, Jack was constipated, and we didn't do anything to celebrate.

We did make a train cake for their main party.

The boys were a crabby disaster all morning and slept through dinner, so their entire meal was birthday cake and ice cream. No complaints from them, though.

This is what happens when we try to have a photo session with them. Here was an attempt at 1 year old pictures.

First, mild compliance but not much time because they walk away almost instantly.
Next, distraction keeps them calm for another 10-20 seconds.
Then, the enforcer holds them down but things start getting out of control.
Finally, chaos.
And then the good child :)

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