Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Going back a few years

I just figured out how to convert pictures I have in a MS Word document into JPG files that I can post here. Actually, I am just trying out a program that does it for me, so I'm sorry about the poorer quality of pictures but I just thought I'd post some of my favorite old pictures. I have a bunch in MS Word files from when I was putting together the slide show for my wedding.

I loved racing down my grandparent's driveway on their hot wheels. My feet were my brakes.

My long time friend Nick loved to fish. He was such a die-hard that we would practice casting from my swingset.

On a service project in Kentucky with my Dearborn CRC youth group we decided to test our strength and balance. We attempted this dozens of times and were successful at least twice. This time I just barely get my face out of the water (look close)! This back stress coupled with my week's task of carrying all the bags of shingles up to the roof resulted in seriously limited movement the following week.

Here is a sweet picture of me flipping into Chucka Cove in Jamaica on the Elenbaas cruise of 2003.


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