Monday, May 22, 2006

Jodi's Wedding

Jodi's wedding had all the ingredients for fun:
1) NOT on a summer weekend
2) fun group of friends for dancing and hanging out

3) good music and open bar

4) good food, especially deserts

Natasha ate 6 cupcakes, so I had to eat 7.

Between the wedding and reception we did some wine tasting at St. Julian's

Natasha is wicked strong. She easily smoked all the other women. Here she is beating Erin without even trying after already arm-wrestling 2 others.


Anonymous Duby said...

so I'm really bored and don't feel like doing anything productive, so I went through your profile. Whats up with the favorite bands? Dave Matthews Band, good good, Guster, yeah, Kelly Clarkston, wtf!? Celine Dion, guah?

ps I'm gonna be in GR sometime between the first and the 18th, I'll give you a holla when I know more details so we can get together.

9:02 PM  

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