Monday, April 19, 2010

Florida 2010

The tradition lives on! I've now been to Florida over 'spring break' approximately 23 out of my 28 years of life, and Evie is 2 for 2.

This was our first trip with the Veldhof family and we stayed in a different part of Tampa than I'm used to - but close enough.
The drive wasn't too bad. We drove through the night on the way down and I had some good brotherly(in-law) bonding while we drove the 9pm to 9am shift. Thankfully the girls tolerated the drives as well. Evie was delighted to watch Barney 3 times in one day.

Our basic routine for the week was:
  • Wake up when Evie started running through the house
  • Putz around until 9 or 10
  • Go to the beach until lunch
  • Have lunch and put Evie down for a nap
  • Play by the pool for the rest of the afternoon
  • Cook dinner
  • Go back to the beach for the sunset
  • Put Evie to bed and lounge around for the rest of the night
It was a both an exhausting (chasing Evie around) and relaxing (nap time and "sleeping in") vacation. Evie LOVED Florida. She especially loved the beach and the pool.

We had a week full of terrific sunsets. Evie was a crazy girl during the sunset. She never stopped running and usually ended up in the water.

Our beach excitement included catching a shark and feeding the seagulls.

Evie is crazy for pop. We treated her to more sips of our pop than normal so she began expecting to drink it whenever she wanted. We are still dealing with her addiction this week...
On the walk to the beach one of the houses had a "goggie" sign on their mailbox. Evie had to say hi, bye, and give the doggie a kiss every time we walked by. Depending how close to bedtime it was the kisses goodbye could be very long.
By the end of the week all the excitement had worn Evie down and she wasn't allowed to watch the final sunset, so Erin and I finally enjoyed a quiet moment. Ahhhh...Florida.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Birthday Parties

Our weekend was booked with friends, family, parties, and gatherings.

On Friday night we hung out with Trevor and Amy at Holland State Park.

On Saturday we celebrated Evie's 2nd birthday along with the twins' first birthday.

For Evie's 2nd birthday I chose a bear cake. Thanks to the Veldhof frosting recipe my decorating was MUCH easier and faster this year. It also looked a lot better than my last 10 cakes.
Evie is going to be a great babysitter soon.
Grandma and Grandpa Elenbaas gave Evie $2 for turning 2. She proudly carried her greenbacks in her pocket all night.

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