Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween was filled with candy, pumpkins, and fun for Evelyn. She certainly loved it!

Evelyn wanted to be a princess at Jason and Melissa's house last weekend and savored her sucker.
(tin man on the left is ours)
On Halloween at home Erin and Evie carved a really scary face before trick-or-treating.

I could see the wheels turning in Evie's mind when I told her we'd go to other people's houses and they would give her candy. I could see it didn't make sense to her...but she certainly wanted to try. We dressed her as a bee. I really don't think she cared what we dressed her as, as long as there was candy involved.

Evie did great. She moved pretty slow with all the distractions (other kids dressed funny) but made it 45 minutes. Halfway through someone gave her a sucker and she was ecstatic. She insisted on holding it separate the rest of the way.
Erin's lack of mobility didn't keep her from participating :)
Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pregnancy, 28 Weeks

Well the babies are growing by the day! We have been busy preparing but Erin's days of working on the house quickly ended. She is now in full resting mode. After a few busy days Erin could feel her body telling her to slow WAY down. Within a week she went from almost normal activity to needing to rest as much as possible.
While not officially on bed rest we're cautiously keeping Erin's activity to a minimum. At 28 weeks Erin is measuring 37 weeks. The babies are each about 2.5 lbs, which is slightly bigger than average for singletons.
Evie often says she has an "owie tummy" like mommy. Erin's tummy doesn't actually hurt, we just tell Evie that so she knows to be gentle.
Week 23
Baby A in 3D
Week 28
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Projects

In preparation for the twins we've dedicated October to working on the house. We planned to be home every weekend and try to get something accomplished almost every day. So far so good.
Evelyn really gets excited about helping with "projects." As expected, her involvement is usually counterproductive, but fun for all of us. Typically after I explain the project and get started she drifts into her own play world and turns the project area into her play house. By the end, most of her animals and books have migrated to the work area.
Evelyn can be genuinely helpful if I need something. She will happily run upstairs or downstairs to get whatever is needed for the "project."
Our accomplishments so far include:
  • Side table for entryway
  • Big girl bed for Evelyn
  • Custom duvet for Evie's bed (Erin's sewing skills)

  • Painted the nursery
  • Primed the basement
  • Living room drapes
  • Lots of shopping
  • Lots of organizing
  • Painting an outside door frame

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tiger's Game

A week ago I had the great pleasure of watching my uncle Marv throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Tigers game.

The night was a blast. The whole family went to the game and Comerica treated us to a terrific suite. We are pretty sure that it was the single most fun night of Evelyn's life.

Marv's pitch was solid!

The game was high scoring and went into extra innings (Tigers won 11-10 in 13) so Evie didn't get into bed until midnight but she was still going strong.

We walked around the stadium during the game to show Evie the big Tiger. She wanted to pet it.
When Evie stood still long enough to talk she would cheer the tigers on. Her cheer was "One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, GO TIGERS!!" Yes, she skipped six each time and she had to count all the way to ten before she could say 'go tigers.' She said the cheer at least 50 times.
The rest of the weekend was spent hanging around Canton and Dearborn, including a visit to the local apple orchard.

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