Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Soper Florida 2009

2009 was the 3rd time it has been the "last" year of Soper Florida Vacations. The trips are just so great that we keep deciding to go again. This year the Soper family has grown to 25 grand kids (including spouses) and 2 great-grand kids. A total of 34 Sopers made the trip for a terrific week.
We held true to most of our favorite traditions:
  • KFC on Saturday when everyone arrives
  • Going to Church at a tiny Presbyterian Church where we double the size
  • Sunday night worship in the condo
  • Cousins dinner out on Monday
  • Grilling on the beach
  • Cousins mini golf night

One of my highlights was all the time I could spend with Evie. It was also really fun for Erin and I to see how Evie liked warm Florida and the beach. For the most part she LOVED it.

Playing by the pool was Evie's favorite. She liked to swim but she liked sitting on the edge of the pool and splashing even more.

Evie picked several family members to be very afraid of. She cried whenever she saw Derek, Darren, David, Luke, Hal, or Paul. By the end of the week she had warmed up to everyone except Hal and Paul. However, she really liked Paul's kids. Sam was her favorite and they were good buddies all week.

Evie was also terrified of the sand and grass! At least at first. When we sat her down on the sand she would cry and try to climb up us to keep every part of her from touching. I guess I can't blame her - I was terrified of clouds and Chuck-E-Cheese when I was young. After a couple tries Evie enjoyed the sand and grass, but not without some worried looks first.

We enjoyed walking down the beach with Evie. We found out she loves birds. Every time she saw a bird she would point and smile.

Florida always generates so many lasting memories. Some of the other highlights this year were:

  • Double rummy tournament with 16 fully randomized teams (32 players). My dad and Linda smoked everyone. Erin and I somehow were teammates and came in 2nd.
  • Great food. We enjoyed dinners at a buffet, a seafood restaurant, and a Mexican place. We also grilled burgers, ate pizza on the beach, and had awesome homemade breakfasts by Uncle Dave.
  • Volleyball - we had many competitive games of 6 on 6.
  • The 4th generation. Evie and her 2nd cousin Max stole the show. The two of them were always the center of attention and I think they both enjoyed it. We certainly did.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Big

After a nasty virus went through all 3 of us, we're back on our feet again and looking forward to a Florida vacation!
A couple weeks ago my brother-in-law held a photo session for Princess Evie. He's practicing for his own soon-to-be born photo subjects and he definitely has some camera skills.
Evie is very close to walking. She's taken up to 4 steps on her own but is still too cautious to take off.
One of her favorites is "so big."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

25 Randon Things about Erin

  1. I'm a pill popper...for everything - headaches, stomach aches, allergies, etc. Oh especially to sleep during the day and at night.

  2. I kill plants, mine and other peoples I'm just watching for awhile. Usually slowly, I follow instruction so I can't figure out why.

  3. One of my favorite times of day is seeing what position Evelyn is sleeping in before I go to bed.

  4. 2 phrases I never realized I said ALL the time till Randy pointed it out is: "I want to get married again" at all weddings, and on every vacation "it makes you wonder why we live in Michigan".

  5. Within a week of Evie being born I honestly couldn't remember being pregnant and was sad.

  6. I have a hard time letting go...of anything. I had a puppet bunny named Smelly growing up and slept with it under my pillow until Evie was born.

  7. Which leads me to that I am still upset that someone who was my best friend hasn't talked to me for the last 6 1/2 years.

  8. If I have clothing items that are warm and cuddly I can't help but put them on almost every day.

  9. I made a resolution that once we moved in our new house (beginning of Oct I think) I would not wear sweat pants after 1 pm everyday. I've added on so many stipulations that I now wear jeans when I leave the house.

  10. Even though I am a labor and delivery nurse I am still amazed and amuzed when I see babies move in their mom's tummys.

  11. I came in first place for women in Pickeral Lake's annual triathalon. It's unimportant how many participated.

  12. I am very "Dutch". One example is I ALWAYS get water at restaurants and it took me a long time to get over Randy ordering a pop.

  13. Randy and I both love baked goods. When we bake bread we each have our own loaf. After making Christmas cookies we pick every other cookie (like a draft) and have our own container so it's completely fair.

  14. I'm not sure if I could survive without Randy, among many reasons he's my organization. I realized a little to late that I needed to renew my RN licence and told him and he'd taken care of it months ago.

  15. In middle and high school I would dislocate my knees especially playing sports. It's now hard for me to watch sports without cringing, just waiting for legs to dislocate.

  16. I like drinks extremely cold. Before I drink my pop I put the can in the freezer and now set a timer so I won't forget. I've had several explosions.

  17. I was on the sailing team in high school. My partner and I were the only not competitive ones. We would yell "ahoy" to random boaters and beach the sail boat.

  18. I almost killed Lindsay (my sister). We were working at a camp and the lake was so rough that they wouldn't let people out sailing, but let us because I told them I was on the sailing team. Lindsay ended up on the low side, chest deep in water, with the rope wrapped around her neck. In my defence I told her to switch sides, she was just a little slow.

  19. I was scared of being kissed in middle/high school. When a guy would go in I would quickly say "I just want to be friends".

  20. When I retire or move to a big city I want to work at a zoo with sea lions, dolphins, or seals.

  21. If something is on sale I feel a need to buy it.

  22. When I hear missionairies speak at church, it makes me want to become a missionary in Africa, but I realized it's not very practicle for me.

  23. When I was working on ortho one of my patients was going through withdrawl and started choking me and telling me he was going to kill me. One of the nurse techs elbowed him in the throat and took him down. My dad took Karate before us kids were around and had repeatedly showed my how to break someones pinkies if they were choking me. The one time in my life I could have used that skill all I did was scream.

  24. I love buying cute new underware. Not bras they are too pricey.

  25. I can't make decisions, usually I find someone to decide for me.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Wedding Season

Three weddings in the last month...and it is early March?! It has been an abnormal wedding spree lately, but still very fun. This weekend our friends Nate and Sarah got married. Our whole Kelloggsville group was invited and we had a great time hanging out. The dancing was good, the food was good, and we met a few crazy relatives.
A nightcap at Applebees topped off the evening.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Broken Family

Erin's college friend Josh bought a house on the north side of GR after graduating. Erin lived with other friends for a year and then she and Jenny moved into Josh's house in 2003. Almost immediately the family roles developed. Somehow, Erin convinced Josh that she needed the big bedroom and forced him into the small bedroom. Jenny was pushed into a make-shift room in the semi-finished basement. Josh and Erin were the unhappy parents, living in separate rooms. Jenny was the step-daughter, forced to live in the cold basement. And I was the home wrecker, taking "mom" away from "dad."
To this day, Jenny regularly calls Josh 'grandma,' but I'm not sure how that started. After about a year together, the family separated for good.
This weekend our broken family added a new member. Josh married Audrey, so now there is a step mom...and another home wrecker. Sorry step-daughter Jenny, the hits just keep coming.
The reception brought our family back together again. It was an excellent time with dancing, Wii and Karaoke.

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