Monday, August 05, 2013

Wesley's Baptism

We had the joy of welcoming Wesley into God's family on Sunday, August 4th.  It was a great day with lots of familly, a well-done service, and a happy Wesley.

We all expected something funny to happen with William and Jack in front of church...and it did.  They nicely listened to the pastor through the actual baptism.  But when the Pastor started praying and talking to the congregation the boys did some laps around us and then Jack ran to the front of the stage and gave boyish smiles to all our family.  William would have been right there but he got too close to Erin and she was able to hold him back.  

3 princesses - Evelyn, Sam, and Jack
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Cottage Week

Our cottage week actually started with a weekend in Canton. 

The highlight of the Canton weekend was a sail on Marv's boat.  It was cool and very windy so we didn't need much sail to have an adventure.  The kids really enjoyed it.  We had some very scary moments when Jack and Evelyn took the wheel near the end.
Our cottage week was a mix of sunny 70 degree days and cloudy cooler days.  We made the best of it and had a great week.
 Lots of Little Switzerland trips.  The candy of choice was a ring pop.

Everyone (minus Wesley and Grandma) took a canoe ride to the dam.

Mid-summer "hay" ride

"Daddy, you need grass???" And of course they used the gas funnel as a trumpet.
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Erin's Birthday!

We celebrated Erin's birthday last week at the cottage.  I had a lot of help with the cake to make it extra special.  In case you can't decipher - the top of the cake says "E" on one half and "Mom" on the other half.

Happy Birthday Erin!
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