Friday, March 09, 2012

Photography Class

No exciting weekends or events in the Elenbaas house for awhile (besides my birthday weekend). For the most part we've stayed at home and taken care of a lot of little projects this winter.
Erin took a one day photography class last weekend. I have no doubt the quality of our pictures will improve. However, there isn't much you can do about the subject matter.
Typical Evelyn: charming, delightful, pleasant, cute, but something sinister going on in there
Typical Jack: Bloody (above his eye this time, several bloody noses lately), bruised, perpetual machine, and shoveling food in his mouth.
Typical boys: hooligans, destructive, naughty (notice the cell phone in Jack's hand - not a toy!)
Typical William: Neat, content, pleasant, but something very sinister going on in there (lately he picks his moments and then tackles and pins Jack without mercy)
The kids are getting excited for our upcoming Florida trip. We bought a plastic pool for the trip and they tested it out in the family room.
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