Sunday, January 30, 2011

The January 7

In no particular order, here are 7 pictures from the month of January. Life is never boring!

1. Playing with daddy. Will and Jack rarely get quality daddy time. If it looks fun, Evie joins in.

2. Playing with mommy. Will and Jack sometimes get quality mommy time, but only if Evie isn't around. If she is...
3. A BIRD in our house! That's right. One evening we were just sitting down to dinner and I was already in a foul mood for some reason. Before I could eat my first bite the doorbell rang. It was our neighbor, but more importantly, there happened to be a bird nesting in our wreath. The door opened and in flew the bird!!! Obviously that didn't help my mood even though Erin found it rather humorous. I chased the bird into the garage with a tennis racket and let it suffer overnight before opening the garage door the following morning.
4. U of M basketball. We ventured to Canton for a weekend and while there Evie and I went to a Michigan basketball game. We had a good time despite the loss.
5. Lots of visitors including Evie's "best friend" cousin Chase.
6. Evie's favorite hide and go seek spot became a fun play spot one day.
7. The twins' future friends.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family of Five

Amazingly, it has already been one month since William and Jack were born. Here are some traits that are coming out:
  • William is the spit-up king. Often and impressive. Once all over Jack's face from 2 feet away. Twice in the last 2 days on Evie.
  • Jack likes to pee/poo while being changed.
  • Both are gaining weight fast, and close to 8 lbs now.
  • Jack is often congested and wheezes.
  • Both are overall really good babies; pretty much only cry when they are hungry.
  • Will takes a pacifier more often
  • Will gets cold easier and sometimes needs an extra layer
  • Evie loves her brothers, but loves attention even more

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Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 Results and 2011 Goals

Here are the results of my 2010 goals. The year turned out drastically different than I ever could have predicted but here are my results none-the-less.
  1. Run the Riverbank in under 2:00:00. This will forever be a goal until I get it. FAIL...and this actually won't forever be a goal for me. While 2:00:00 would be awesome, my diet and exercise change in 2010 totally changed my life. I have very little desire to run long distances fast anymore so I don't know if I'll ever feel the urge to train to run the riverbank in under 2 hours again. But... (see 2011 goals below).
  2. Read at least 6 books. Oops...until starting to write this blog I actually thought my goal was 5. So FAIL. I only read 5 books.
  3. *Ridiculous Randy Goal - Eat NO candy for the entire year. This will be challenging both because of temptations and simply from forgetting and "accidentally"eating a piece. For clarification, gum is OK, as is candy in baked goods. Candy bars, hard candy, M&M's (ouch), isolated chocolate (chocolate chips, chocolate bars) and all other obviously "candy" items are illegal. Bars, cookies, ice cream, cake, fudge, or other sweets are acceptable. I can't even guess how many candy calories I ate last year. I'm sure I'll replace them with something else, but it'll have to be at least a little healthier. Since 1 and 2 were fails I'm going to call this one a SUCCESS**. On January 7, 2010 Erin and I took a short flight across Chile while in South America. The airline had an orange flavored hard candy sitting on our trays. I popped it in my mouth without thinking about it. I didn't realize that I had eaten the candy until about a week later. Also, since August I've been eating a significant amount of 85% cocoa. I think it tastes great, but it is very bitter to the average person. Probably considered candy, but since it has more saturated fat than sugar I'm fine with it. Aside from the single piece of hard candy and the 85% cocoa I didn't eat any candy and almost no gum as well. My baked goods consumption was far below any previous year and even though it has now been 2011 for 3 days I haven't had the urge to start eating candy. That is why I consider my 2010 candy challenge a success!
2011 Goals
  1. Lift weights consistently - I don't consider chronic cardio to be healthy anymore but do consider weight training healthy. To be successful, I need to do at least one weight lifting workout during 50 of the 52 calendar weeks this year.
  2. Complete a long run barefoot - By long run I mean 10+ miles. Right now I'm planning on the riverbank. If my feet can't handle that distance my back-up goal will be doing a long run with my five-finger Vibrams.
  3. Maintain sanity with 3 kids under 3.

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