Sunday, November 17, 2013

Leaf Raking 2013

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Friday, November 01, 2013

4 Pumpkin Kids

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Halloween 2013

Evie, William, and Jack are at such fun ages for Halloween.

We started a night early with a church "trunk or treat."

The kids are NOT the best age for pumpkins, but we toughed it out.

Poor Wesley :)

...and done.

The older 3 lasted a solid hour, going through 75% of our neighborhood in the rain.

Wesley lasted about 10 minutes and fell asleep.  Happy Halloween!
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Ankle Surgery

After 6 months of ankle issues it was determined I had Os Trigonum syndrome (see  In mid-October I opted for surgery to remove the bone.  The surgery was relatively minor, but left me off my foot for over 2 weeks. Its never easy to immobilize a parent with 4 young children. Sorry Erin!

I now have a walking boot but am very grateful to be done with crutches.

There were many close calls, but the kids never smashed into my sensitive ankle.  William referred to it as my "robot foot" when I wore the walking boot.

The boys enjoyed climbing on my walker.

I enjoyed some quality quiet time with the kids.
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The Doug Elenbaas Family

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RBD Tour Season 9

It was our 9th year of the Randy-Ben-Derek Michigan football tradition. This year we traveled to Penn State for a thrilling, but painful 43-40 Michigan loss in 4 overtimes.  Our overall record is now 5-4.

Despite the loss, it was a fantastic weekend.  Penn State was by far the friendliest campus we have visited.  The Penn State fans were genuinely nice to us, even after winning.  The stadium was also beautiful and we enjoyed a warm sunny day.

1,200 miles traveled in 42 hours.


Craziest moment of the weekend: we saw a confused tailgater accidentally throw the car in reverse, hit the gas, and run over a guy while plowing into another tailgate. Within minutes there were 20+ police/event/medical staff on the scene.

Unofficial JoePa Shrine.

Sunset during the game.
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