Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Florida 2013

Wow, it has already been almost 2 months since our Florida trip.  We spent the 1st week of March on Anna Maria Island.  It was a very cool week, but we made the best of it.

Crafts, walks, manatees, trolley rides, and some swimming.  It was a very enjoyable week.

The kids did very well on the 21 hour drives besides William's antics on the overnight drive.  For the 3rd consecutive year, he cried every 15-45 minutes overnight.  It was infuriating, but what could we do?  Evelyn is an excellent little traveler and Jack didn't make a peep all night except 10 seconds of consciousness as we were getting gas at 3:00am: "Daddy, what you doing?"...and then back to sleep.
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Evie turns 5

Our little girl is 5!

On her actual birthday we made her favorite for dinner - spaghetti and corn on the cob.  And for years I've been telling her she can drink pop when she turns 5.  So for her birthday we gave her an entire can of pop...and she drank 2 sips.

Party #2 was at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Best prize of the night, Fun Dip!

Present #1 - Polly Pockets

Present from me: photo book of Evie years 0-5.  Happy birthday little girl!
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